Button & Blinkee Sale!!!

Marketing Button Sale~

The value of placing these small marketing buttons on your blogs, e-mails, store pages are HUGE!! It is the easiest, quickest way to advertise your store as well as driving traffic directly to your store. The buttons not only include our AWESOME designs, but we will also add the customized HTML code so that your buttons will link directly to your store page! This offer is for both Daisy Craft shops and non-Daisy Craft shops!! If you have always wanted a button--- get it now while the sale lasts!

Marketing Button Sale


New Premium Store---

We have a new Premium Store on Daisy Craft! We are currently creating her customized store page-- and have posted the three banners we've created for her.

Which banner is your favorite?

A. Retro flower banner

B. Simplified banner

C. Sage green with flowers

Be sure to check back soon for Cindy's Creative Corner as she builds her product inventory on Daisy Craft! She has amazingly affordable and adorable paper products that you can use for yourself or for gifts!

What do you get with a Premium Store?

Premium Shop~

The quickest way to kick-off your online store! This store option is packed with a bundle of perks that will surely boost your business from the beginning. The benefits offered to Premium store owners are incalculable.
Listing fee: Free!
Transaction fee: 7% purchase price
Premium store fee: $64.95/ year (Over $450 value)
Premium store perks:
1. Customized store page with ad banner and matching buttons. The custom look will include background color, custom ad banner, custom ad button to use anywhere, custom text on your page and product listings.* ($150 value)
2. Three additional ad banner changes during the year. Great for special promos, sales or holiday events. ($45 value)
3. Five additional ad buttons per year that will be customized to link directly to your online store. Perfect for easy advertising on blogs and other sites. Also the code will be available for others to post your buttons on their blogs and sites as well. ($25 value)
4. Feature seller rotation ($75 value) *
5. Recently Listed Items rotation on the Home Page. Perfect for showing off your items each time you list! ($75 value)
6. Unlimited marketing give-aways a year. This is a great way to help boost your business. Give-aways will be done on Daisy Craft and other Web sites where we advertise. More advertising bang for your buck! (Only one give-away per month)

Go to "Open a Store" now and open your Premium Shop today!

What is Daisy Craft?

Daisy Craft is an online venue for crafters to have a place to sell their hand-crafted, hand-made products.

Photography, quilts, woodwork, jewelry, digital scrapbooking, soaps and lotions, clothing and on and on can be sold here! If you make or alter it, you can sell it on Daisy Craft!

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