Happy Thanksgiving!

We just wanted to take this time to wish YOU a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

We hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy quality time with family, friends and that you fill your bellies with delicious foods.

I hope that each of you also take time out to ponder and hopefully express to others what you're thankful for. 

It's one of the greatest holidays that we have to only reflect on all the positive in our lives. 

We're thankful that you're with us here at Daisy Craft and look forward to a fantastic rest of the year and an even BIGGER year in 2009!


Holiday shopping stressing you out?

Holiday Shopping Made Easy Easier!

I am not even close to beginning to think about the upcoming holidays. I know that Thanksgiving is next week and that just boggles my mind? I don't even know what happened to the previous 10 months, but I don't think we experienced all 10 of them. I think Father Time is playing some might cruel jokes on us these days.

I can handle getting the details together for next week's Thanksgiving Day events--- which really only include; sleeping in, cooking, eating, watching football, cleaning the kitchen, eating more, more football, eating pie and drifting off to sleep.

What I can't handle is the stresses of holiday shopping. I am not a huge fan of crowds. I like to get in, get what I need and check out in a reasonable amount of time. However, this year, I don't even know what I am getting anyone (except my son, he's easy to shop for.)

Do you hate waiting in long lines? Fighting crowded stores? Seeing your items "out of stock?" Or are you the type of person who thrives on planning out their Black Friday shopping trips down to the very minute, noting what they're purchasing at each store and making a game plan to go in teams, split up and grab enough sale items to split between people? (Yes, I know some of these people).

Well, there is a great trend emerging for those of us looking for the hand-made touch for holiday gifts and these events are being held in neighborhoods all over the U.S.

What are these events called? Boutiques

These events are organized mostly by women who are into crafting and selling various products. They gather in one location and create a mini-shopping mall in neighborhoods, homes, club houses, hotels and so on.

I am pleased as punch to have started a forum to advertise for these great events! I think the best gifts are those that are made by hand. They're unique, quality is high and I know that I am supporting small businesses!

Visit Community Forums: Crafting Events for the events going on now! If you know of others, please feel free to contact us and have your event listed on our site.

I hope that we each remember to take time as we think about what "gifts" we're giving, to give back to our communities. Our food drive is still going on. It's easy to do. Just contact your local food bank, find out their needs and collect away!


Open for business!

Did you think the day would ever come where I would finally announce, "We're open for business?"

Me, either. 

It's been a long, daunting process with countless hours of stress, worry, planning, testing, thinking, strategizing, confusion, doubt and on and on.However, it has totally been worth it. Although there was really only one other site that would be my competitor when I started this project, now the Web is full of similar sites--but, I am NOT discouraged. 

I know many of you make wonderful hand-crafted and produce many hand-made items that will sell on Daisy Craft. This is my personal invitation to each of you to open a store on Daisy Craft. Listing your products for sell is FREE!! You can't beat that deal!

So tell your wives, your friends, your neighbors and the whole wide world!! We do have some really adorable buttons available for you to post on your blogs to help us get the word out. Visit Marketing and grab your button!

Thanks for all the support and feedback that I've received in this process! 

~Happy Crafting!


Nov 7th Daisy Craft Launch Date!

Join us as we kick-off the start of Daisy Craft!

We will be having a Launch Promotion & Referral Give-away!! You don't want to miss out!

We also have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT we're so excited to share with everyone--- we can barely contain ourselves from spilling the beans now!

We'll see you live on Nov. 7 at daisycraft.com!

What is Daisy Craft?

Daisy Craft is an online venue for crafters to have a place to sell their hand-crafted, hand-made products.

Photography, quilts, woodwork, jewelry, digital scrapbooking, soaps and lotions, clothing and on and on can be sold here! If you make or alter it, you can sell it on Daisy Craft!

Visit Daisy Craft for more information!

We need you! Join Today!!