Great new opportunity...

So, we had a fabulous give-away on our blog with two winners receiving some incredible information on how to build and publize their onlines businesses! 

Now, it's my turn to enter the Give-Away and I am also sharing the news on how to enter with you.

Crissy, owner of IndieBizChicks.com is having a Power of Publicity Give-Away where the winner will work closely with her to develop and implement a new marketing and publicity plan within 6 weeks. This is an $85 value!

I must win this!!  Here's why:

I run Daisy Craft by myself. My husband is my business partner, but he's super busy with working full-time and going to school part-time-- plus numerous other commitments besides being a fantastic hubby and dad. 

I don't have a large team of computer-wizards working each day on my site, nor do I have a staff you can do customer service, handle orders and promote the Web site. Each of the responsibilites of running a Web site company are mine. I enjoy helping all the men and women get their online stores in order tremendously and I'd give anything to devote more time to just helping them all succeed; however, a LOT of my time is spent marketing the company to keep it growing. 

I feel like I am at a plateau and could really, really, really use this Publicity Make-Over!! Plus, the price of FREE fits my incredibly limited budget perfectly!

I would also share the ideas I learn and pass on to aid my stores in marketing themselves better. I believe in giving back, and if I would receive such an AMAZING gift, I would help others and Crissy with giving back. 

Cross your fingers for me and for Daisy Craft!!

Also, we are currently working on re-vamping the store category page. We hope to have the new look and function up and running soon! It's going to be FANTASTIC!!

For more information about these services, click here

Power Publicity And Promotions


Congrats to our TWO winners...

Congratulations to the TWO winners from this FANTASTIC Give-Away!

Winner of "How to Get Great Press":

Jill said...

Posted a tweet about yuor contest. Here's number entry three.

I'll get number 4 and 5 in when I update my blog!Thanks for the opportunity!

Winner of "How to Give Good Blog":

Untypically Jia said...

I am now following you on Twitter!

Your information is being sent to Crissy at IndieBizChicks.com who sponsored this Give-Away. She will send you the links for the prizes!! I know you'll get A TON out of them!

We will have another FANTASTIC announcement and NEW GIVE-AWAY in April!!

Stay tuned... You don't want to miss this next give-away!!!


Product Give-Aways & Reviews--

I have been asked to review two new products by IndieBizChicks.com.

Product Review #1:

The first is an online booklet called, "How to Get Great Press." It provides valuable information on how to construct and write a press release and then how to distribute it effectively.

As a professional journalist, I have received and written countless press releases. I know first-hand of their immense value and importance in getting your product or service out to the media. Media companies are always in search of great content. Press releases provide a quick, easy and fast way to draw attention to your business. Knowing how to write one that will actually get noticed is extremely important because media agencies receive myriad press releases a day.

The IndieBizChicks book, "How to Get Great Press" is an essential tool for those looking to increase the awareness of their business. It is written in a simple, easy-to-understand language and covers all the important aspects in constructing a press release. All the details of the release are covered along with giving you templates to work from as well.

Also included is a list of Web sites to submit your press release to. They've already done the research for you! They also offer great advice on building your media contact lists.

In addition to the instructions on how to write a press release, they also have included valuable information on how to assemble a Press Kit and why you should have these and whom you should send them to.

Please, take my word for it! This is a GREAT value and they make it extremely affordable at $14.95.

However, we are GIVING AWAY one "How to Get Great Press" Workbook to one of our lucky readers! (Including the audio press release class and a Bonus Workbook, "15 Tips for Building Buzz Around Your Business")

**See the bottom of the post on how to enter for both Give-Aways!**

Click below to Get your own copy!

Power Publicity And Promotions

Product Review #2:

The second product I was asked to review was, "How to Give Good Blog."

WOW!!! This is a must-have for anyone that has a blog that promotes their business or products.

Crissy at IndieBizChicks has put together a list of some incredible tips that are each detailed on how to implement the ideas to help boost your blog's traffic and business. If you're unfamiliar with blogging or how that could benefit your business, IndieBizChicks has provided all the answers you'll need.

Blogging is essential in online businesses. There are millions of blogs and millions of blog businesses, so how do you get yours to stand out?

I operate a couple of blogs and started as a blog business and know the value and hard work it takes to get your blog promoted. I did all the research and hard work with trial-and-error and WISH I would have had access to these 50 tips (from the bonus workbook, "50 Ways to Promote Your Blog") when I started.

You will see an increase of traffic just after implementing a few of these tips.

An increase of traffic will increase sales. You also will learn ways to make even more money with your blog.

In addition to the workbook, you'll also receive access to audio elements from the expert herself!

You definitely don't want to delay in getting this online workbook of a wealth of knowledge. Your investment will be well worth it and will reap great returns!

This is also available for $14.95.

However, we are GIVING AWAY one "How to Give Good Blog" Workbook to one of our lucky readers! (Including the workbook and audio elements to 50 Ways to Promote Your Blog)

How to Enter these Two Give-Aways:

One Entry~ Leave a comment below about this post.

Two Entries~ Leave a comment below and Tweet about this Give-Away on Twitter.

Three Entries~ Leave a comment below, tweet about this Give-Away and follow us on Twitter.

Four Entries~ Leave a comment, tweet about the Give-Away, follow us on Twitter, post about this Give-Away on your blog and let us know you've done so in one of the entries.

Five Entries~ Leave a comment, tweet about the Give-Away, follow us on Twitter, post about the Give-Away on your blog and invite people to come and enter the Give-Away. For each person you come that enters, you can enter once more per person. The referral must say in one of their posts that they were referred by you.

You have 5 or more chances to WIN!!

Each entry is one comment to this post. If you do all five items, that means you'll have five seperate comments on this post. We will choose two winners randomly from all the posts.

Give-Away ends March 22nd. Winners will be announced here on Mar. 23!

Good luck!! Don't forget--one referral is one more entry!!

Pre-Written Press Releases

Craft Tips has a new look!

We just reformatted our Craft Tips page to make finding the tips or tutorials you want a little easier!

We are seeking new contributors to provide some great tips or tutorials to our site! We would provide a link to your Daisy Craft store for each tip or tutorial that you provide!!

If you're interested, please contact us for details!!


Congrats to our TWO winners... and more!!

Congratulations to our TWO winners for a Premium Store. Yes, we decided to give away an additional subscription. (Amy & Hoosier Homemade-- e-mail us at promo@daisycraft.com for details!!)

Everyone else who participated in our Give-Away will also receive 20% off any marketing items that you order for your Daisy Craft store. Just send let us know your blog name and we'll refund your 20% from your order.

We are going to be having some more Give-Aways coming soon.... stay tuned!


Premium Store Give-Away!!

We're giving away a FREE Premium Store subscription to one lucky person who leaves a comment here on our blog!

This is a $65 value!!!

Here's how to enter:

1. Go to Daisy Craft and pick out your favorite item that is listed. 
2. Leave a comment here on our blog and list the item's URL  you like the most! (Copy and paste the URL in the comment section)

How to earn extra entries:

1. Follow us on our blog and leave an additional comment

2. Become our friend on Facebook and leave a comment that you've done so.

3. Follow us on Twitter and leave a comment that you're now following us!

4. Twit this Give-away and leave a comment that you've done so!

You have 5 easy chances to win an amazing offer!!

Give-away ends March 10! 

We will choose someone from the comments left as our lucky receipient of a FREE PREMIUM STORE on Daisy Craft

Good luck!!

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Photography, quilts, woodwork, jewelry, digital scrapbooking, soaps and lotions, clothing and on and on can be sold here! If you make or alter it, you can sell it on Daisy Craft!

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