Open for business!

Did you think the day would ever come where I would finally announce, "We're open for business?"

Me, either. 

It's been a long, daunting process with countless hours of stress, worry, planning, testing, thinking, strategizing, confusion, doubt and on and on.However, it has totally been worth it. Although there was really only one other site that would be my competitor when I started this project, now the Web is full of similar sites--but, I am NOT discouraged. 

I know many of you make wonderful hand-crafted and produce many hand-made items that will sell on Daisy Craft. This is my personal invitation to each of you to open a store on Daisy Craft. Listing your products for sell is FREE!! You can't beat that deal!

So tell your wives, your friends, your neighbors and the whole wide world!! We do have some really adorable buttons available for you to post on your blogs to help us get the word out. Visit Marketing and grab your button!

Thanks for all the support and feedback that I've received in this process! 

~Happy Crafting!

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What is Daisy Craft?

Daisy Craft is an online venue for crafters to have a place to sell their hand-crafted, hand-made products.

Photography, quilts, woodwork, jewelry, digital scrapbooking, soaps and lotions, clothing and on and on can be sold here! If you make or alter it, you can sell it on Daisy Craft!

Visit Daisy Craft for more information!

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