Give Aways!!

We are currently organizing two give-aways for our Daisy Craft stores.

Give-Aways are one of the top ways to advertise and market on the Internet today. It provides TONS of traffic in a short amount of time and gets hundreds and thousands of people looking at your products and provides a perfect introduction to your business.

People LOVE, LOVE, LOVE free stuff!!

You can't go wrong in participating in a give-away. 

At Daisy Craft, we provide the opportunities for our Standard and Premium stores to participate in these give-aways throughout the year. We help organize and coordinate the events with some of the sites that we advertise on. We pay for the advertising, our stores get the benefits!

If you would like to participate in the upcoming Give-Aways, please follow these three simple steps:

1. "Open A Store"~ Click on the icon on the Home Page (or the link we provided) and follow the instructions. We are offering the give-away option to all stores through Jan. 24.

2. Create an account on Daisy Craft.

3. E-mail promo@daisycraft.com and let us know you'd like to participate. We will send you more information.

*It is important that you have your stores up and products listed prior to participating in the give aways. We link directly to your store pages and you want to be sure to make a great first impression!

Happy Crafting...

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