Great new opportunity...

So, we had a fabulous give-away on our blog with two winners receiving some incredible information on how to build and publize their onlines businesses! 

Now, it's my turn to enter the Give-Away and I am also sharing the news on how to enter with you.

Crissy, owner of IndieBizChicks.com is having a Power of Publicity Give-Away where the winner will work closely with her to develop and implement a new marketing and publicity plan within 6 weeks. This is an $85 value!

I must win this!!  Here's why:

I run Daisy Craft by myself. My husband is my business partner, but he's super busy with working full-time and going to school part-time-- plus numerous other commitments besides being a fantastic hubby and dad. 

I don't have a large team of computer-wizards working each day on my site, nor do I have a staff you can do customer service, handle orders and promote the Web site. Each of the responsibilites of running a Web site company are mine. I enjoy helping all the men and women get their online stores in order tremendously and I'd give anything to devote more time to just helping them all succeed; however, a LOT of my time is spent marketing the company to keep it growing. 

I feel like I am at a plateau and could really, really, really use this Publicity Make-Over!! Plus, the price of FREE fits my incredibly limited budget perfectly!

I would also share the ideas I learn and pass on to aid my stores in marketing themselves better. I believe in giving back, and if I would receive such an AMAZING gift, I would help others and Crissy with giving back. 

Cross your fingers for me and for Daisy Craft!!

Also, we are currently working on re-vamping the store category page. We hope to have the new look and function up and running soon! It's going to be FANTASTIC!!

For more information about these services, click here

Power Publicity And Promotions

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