New craft tutorial...

I am working on a really super cute craft tutorial to add to the Web site!!

Do you like MAGNET BOARDS??!?! But, don't have the extra $50 to buy one or $35 to make your own?!?

No worries.... I have come up with an inexpensive way to make the same adorable magnet boards you see in the stores or craft shops for $1o!!

Yes, you read that right! $10 US dollars!!!

I am working on finishing the final touches right now and will load the pics, materials list and the how-to instructions within the next few days!!

Not only is this project super cheap, but it is SUPER easy!!

I am also working on a second option for the same project.

You're going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this----- I hope!!

Do you have a craft you know how to make? Send us your craft tutorials and we'll post them on Daisy Craft!

Have any suggestions for craft tips or tutorials you'd like to see on the site? E-mail us at craftingtips@daisycraft.com and we'll get working on it!!

1 comment:

Cascia said...

That sounds pretty cool! Can't wait to see your tutorials.

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