FREE Shop Give-away!!!

Yes, we said FREE SHOP GIVE-AWAY!!

See, we told you more great promos and specials were coming!!

Now you have a chance to WIN a FREE Premium Shop or a Silver Merchant Account.

If you make hand-made crafts, you'll want the Premium Shop.

If you sell craft supplies, you'll want the Silver Merchant Account.

Both shops appear on Daisy Craft!

Here's how to Enter to Win:

*Your comments on this post are your entry ballots.*

1. Tell us why you'd like one of these FREE shops, then tell us which type you want if you were to win! (Premium or Merchant)

2. Tell us three things you like about Daisy Craft
and three things we can do better-- or-- list three craft tutorial
ideas you'd like to see on Crafting Tips.

3. Take a guess at what our HUGE announcement is going to be on May 7.

4. Tweet this Give-Away and copy the tweet on the comment entry.

5. Blog about this give-away and leave the blog URL.

*Each of these items counts as one entry--just leave one comment per item you complete. We will use a random number generator to obtain the two winners.

Free Shop Give-Away Ends: May 6

Then, be sure to mark your calendars for May 7-- for our HUGE announcement!


Renee said...

You have a beautiful and welcoming site. I would love to "win" a site, and either would be wonderful. I do create and I do have art/craft supplies to sell.

Congrats on your growing community!

Liz said...

I'd love to win the premium shop. Thanks for the giveaway!! I'm just learning and right now have the free store and would like to be featured and have my recently listed items shown. Thanks!!

Liz said...

Here's my list of 3 things I like about Daisy Craft...
1. I like that this service is free to list items.
2. I love that this site isn't saturated with so many products. I've tried listing on other sites before and feel like there's TOO many handmade products listed. Yours is great!
3. Jill seems like a great person and wants to find ways to make the site even better...I like that.

3 Things to Improve...
1. I have a hard time searching for things listed in the categories. It seems like there's too many categories.
2. Finding ways to advertise and bring people to the website.
3. Can't think of another one!

Liz said...

Here's my guess at the BIG announcement...hmmm. Not sure?? Maybe $$ sent out to all the shop owners! :) Just kidding. But I'm excited to find out!

Tanja said...

Here's what I tweeted:
Yo crafters! If you want to sell stuff online you can WIN an online shop! Check it out: RT @daisycraft posted a give-away for TWO FREE SHOPS
6:44 AM May 1st from web

ooops! Forgot to include the link! My bad: http://daisycraftdotcom.blo...6:48 AM
May 1st from web

Tanja said...

Here's more: List three craft tutorial ideas you'd like to see on Crafting Tips:

1. How to spin your own yarn
2. An idea to upcycle an old sweater
3. How to make those little glass pendants (you know, that have a picture or pretty paper and then are emulsified with some gluey stuff!)

Tanja said...

1. Tell us why you'd like one of these FREE shops, then tell us which type you want if you were to win! (Premium or Merchant)

I'd love a Handmade shop since I make and sell handmade items (knit and felt). It's always great to have one more place to showcase your goods!

Jill said...

All three of you are winners!!

Please contact us to get all the details to get you started or to upgrade!!

What is Daisy Craft?

Daisy Craft is an online venue for crafters to have a place to sell their hand-crafted, hand-made products.

Photography, quilts, woodwork, jewelry, digital scrapbooking, soaps and lotions, clothing and on and on can be sold here! If you make or alter it, you can sell it on Daisy Craft!

Visit Daisy Craft for more information!

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